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Three generations at Maccabi FC and still playing.

When we started up Walking Football at Maccabi FC (MFCC) a few years back we envisaged reconnecting with players from bygone eras and that is exactly what happened. What we did not realise is that they would also have family members still at the club.

So, it is with the Brajtberg family.

George is one of the original WF members and has been a regular player every week with that rocketing left foot of his.

George started at Maccabi 65 years ago in Carlton with an U10 team which then lead him to play at every age group up to and including the senior men’s team. He formed many a great friendship which he continues until today, including some of his teammates at WF.

His granddaughter, Kaylee, then joined the girls U10 team (a coincidence?) a couple of years back and brought along her dad, Craig, as Team Manager for her team. Thankfully, in these post-Covid times, Kaylee and Craig have re-joined the club in their former capacity in the girls U13 Simon team.

That means that we now have 3 generations of Maccabi members actively involved with the club at ground level. That is something that we are extremely proud of.

We wish the Brajtberg family all the very best and hope that they, and many other club families, continue their involvement with Maccabi FC for generations to come.

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Jun 12, 2021

I'm so exited to read about it ,I know George for many years ,we played together at Maccabi at senior level and Craig also ,I also played few games with him at WF ,talking about generation ,we were 3 brothers played for Maccabi seniors the Meleck brothers ,also my 2 daudhters Libby and Jessie played for Maccabi ,I myself officiated as FFV referee many games for Maccabi ,the idea it;s terrific

Coach Elly Meleck


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