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Registration Fees Explained

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New Fees for Season 2024

For children's teams ages 5 - 17


Its been a few years since the registration fees have been increased, we have tried to hold it steady for as long as we can however going into season 2024 we do need to increase our fees  in anticipation of the work that is required to keep nearly 600 players on the fields during the season.


Please keep in mind that to run a football club that we need to pay for grounds, training lights, grounds management, line marking, coaches, team equipment, team manager equipment, insurance, affiliation fees, administration, referees, security, insurance, medical equipment, trials costs, end of year trophies, year books, team photos and more.


Therefore, the fees for season 2024 will be:


  • Gary Peer Little Strikers $470 (previously $435) for the 8 months that they are engaged.

  • Mini Roos U8 – U11 Boys $650 (previously $600) for the full season roughly Feb to Aug. This includes a $100 extra fee for the second night training that we have charged separately in the past. Due to the fact that is has been extremely difficult in chasing payments of the extra $100 we have included this in the overall fee and any team NOT officially participating in two nights training will get a $100 refund.

  • Mini Roos U8 – U11 Girls $540 (previously $500) for the full season roughly Feb to Aug with 1 night training.

  • Juniors U12+ Boys $650 (previously $600) for the full season roughly Feb to Aug which includes 2 nights of training.

  • Juniors U12 – U14 Girls $540 (previously $500) for the full season roughly Feb to Aug with 1 night training.

  • Juniors Girls U15+ $650 (previously $600) for the full season roughly Feb to Aug with 2 nights training.

If extra training nights are requested then an extra fee will apply which will be calculated at the time but not more than $100.

Please note that this season we require mandatory payments for registration fees, as opposed to the past when we could take them after arrangements have been made. The change has been made due to the fact that many people have not honoured their obligations to the club.

If you require fee relief please click here and apply at the Maccabi Relief Fund.

If you agree to the above then please click through to register your child for the 2024 season.

By registering and paying at the club you agree in full with the club's refund policy.

As of Friday 9 Feb 2024 registrations are closed for evaluation.
If you have missed out please join the waiting list below.

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