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Trials are conducted to assess player skill levels and place them in appropriate teams. All players from U8 and older registered for the season are to attend trials for their age group.


An Explanation of the Terminology


Kangaroos: have a strong grasp of football skills (Strong Skills)

Wallabies: are beginning to develop their football skills(Develop Skills)

Joeys: are players with no or little previous experience in Mini Roo's. (Learn to develop Skills)




Maccabi Little Strikers


Under 5/6/7 (mixed boys and girls). No trials. Gary Peer/Maccabi Little Strikers However numbers limited to 100 participants.


Mini Roos


All Mini Roos teams (U8 - U12) are graded into Kanga, Wallaby or Joey skill groups as per the Mini Roos requirements.


If your child is selected into a Kanga or even a stronger Wallaby team, then they earn the privilege of a second night training which the club will charge extra for to cover costs.

Teams then play in a graded competition: the relative strength of teams in the competition is unknown. 



Girls Mini Roos


Under  8/9 and 10/11 U12 girls have the opportunity to play in their own girls squad, depending on the numbers of girls available to play. The girls teams then play in a graded competition: the relative strength of teams in the competition is unknown.




U13-18 boys and girls: Trialling and teams play in a graded competition. Teams placed in leagues by FV based on previous season.


Boys U13 - U18 team explanation

Players are evaluated in an open selection trials process. The selection process will take place under the supervision of the Football Department assisted by a panel of MFCC coaches and independent coaches who are recognised for their ability to identify and train players with various skill levels.


Players are evaluated on four components that make up a football player;
1. Technique
2. Fitness and Athletic Ability
3. Tactics
4. Attitude


The number of trial sessions required will be determined by the selection panel. Trials may not be required for some age groups.


During the season players may be moved up or down depending on performance, commitment, training attendance or player availability.


Team numbers may vary depending on the age group and level of player commitment.


Players unable to attend trials due to school camp or other activities will be placed in a team based on their previous commitment and performance.


Trials will commence on TBA


Please note that registration does not guarantee a place in a team. Trials still need to be attended and numbers determined per team before placements can be decided and announced.



Home games are played at Caulfield Park. Away games are played at the grounds of the opposing team.




Trials will commence on the afternoon of TBA for ages Under 8, 9, 10, 11, & 12's. Trials will be conducted over a 3 - 4 week period. A detailed schedule will be posted on our website once registration has closed.     
If grounds are made available to the club during this period by the Glen Eira Council trials may be rescheduled to midweek sessions.




Players will be advised of their teams via email. Team managers are required for all teams. Once appointed the manager will distribute all team information and will be the direct contact for the team.




Teams playing in each age group in the highest section will be as competitive as possible. Player rotation during the game remains the coaches' prerogative. There is no guarantee of equal time for all players.


Age groups in which we only have one squad will also be as competitive as possible. The strongest available team will be selected for matches. Player rotation during the game remains the coaches prerogative. There is no guarantee of equal time for all players.


In all other teams' rotation is prescribed. It is impossible to provide all players with equal game time. 


From time to time parents will be rostered on to do specific duties. It is the responsibility of the rostered parents to ensure that they are available to complete their rostered task.




Take your training seriously. Be ready to start training at the required time, be appropriately dressed and give 100% effort. Disruptive behaviour is unacceptable and may result in the offending player having to sit out during training and missing matches. Players who do not attend training may start on the bench or be rostered off.




It is expected that all players that register to play at our club will attend pre-season and season training. If you are aware that you are unable to attend training or play in matches due to other extracurricular activities, reconsider your participation in football this year.


Your inability to commit to training and match play is disruptive. It puts pressure on players from other teams to help your team out during matches, increases the burden on managers/coaches and results in forfeited matches.


Players that do not attend or do not excuse themselves from training may have limited game time.




Football is a winter outdoor sport and training and matches are played in all weather conditions including rain.


However, in the event of lightening no play will be permitted.