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Player strip is to be purchased from Sportsmart. Players will pay for and own their playing strip. This is not included in membership fees.

From 2016 the MFCC uniform will consist of at least 1 home shirt, 1 away shirt, 1 pair of black shorts, 1 pair of black socks. 

Players may only wear official club strip for matches. Players wearing incorrect  or old playing strip are not permitted to play. All players are to wear shin guards. See the current club shirt photo below. 

When you arrive at Sportsmart, please see an attendant in the team wear section and mention your Club and name. They have a list of all registered players and a designated number for the back of your shirt. Also your child's shirt number is listed next to their name in their team on Team App.

Teams U8 to U11 do NOT need a shirt number. Teams U12 and above MUST have a shirt number.

MLS players will have uniforms supplied.



In compliance with the FIFA Laws of the Game (Law 4 – The Players’ Equipment) “a player must not use equipment or wear anything that is dangerous to himself or another player (including any kind of jewellery).”

In addition the Interpretation of the Laws of the Game and Guidelines for Referees - Law 4 states “All items of jewellery (necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, leather bands, rubber bands, etc.) are strictly forbidden and must be removed. Using tape to cover jewellery is not acceptable.”

Referees are also prohibited from wearing jewellery (except for a watch or similar device for timing the match).

In summary all players must remove all items of jewellery prior to entering the Field of Play. This includes bands, leather necklaces and any other loose wristbands. Sweatbands may be worn.

Any player wearing any kind of jewellery (including all rings) will be refused permission to enter the field of play or will be required to leave the field of play to correct his/her equipment. A player who enters (or re enters) the field of play without the referee's permission is cautioned and shown the yellow card.

The individual player is responsible for player equipment and should be fully aware of the requirements of the Laws of the Game. The role of the Referee is to ensure that the players' equipment meets the requirements of Law 4 (As set out in Law 5 - The Referee).



Any player requiring vision correction should wear contact lenses, or wear spectacles that: (i) are firmly secured with a sports band or adjustable strap; (ii) have purpose-designed and closely fitted curled ends on the arms; or (iii) are specially designed protective sports glasses constructed of plastic with rubberised cushioning and no metallic parts. 

The referee has the final decision on the day in regards to the safety of players equipment.

Information about the wearing of a kippah on the football field.


This applies to Junior teams (U12 - U18) and senior teams only.

FIFA has made a ruling about the wearing of kippot or yarmulkes or skull caps on the football field during play that affects our club.

This has been checked with FFV and they have informed us that they now accept the ruling as it stands.

The ruling is that any player is entitled to wear a kippah on the field for religious reasons.

However the kippah MUST be the same colour as the shirt that the player is wearing. OR it can be plain black.

So in the case of MFCC players wearing kippot MUST have a sky blue and an orange kippah for playing. OR plain black.

In regards to fixing the kippah to a player's head the flat clips are the only ones acceptable.

Please be aware that referees are within their rights to ask players to leave the field if these rules are not complied with.



You have two club shirts, a blue one and an orange one.

The blue shirt is for home games and the orange shirt is for away games.

Take both to away games just in case there is a clash with the home team.

To get contact details of another club click here

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