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Maccabi FC Caulfield


The Maccabi FC Caulfield (Soccer) previously known as the North Caulfield Maccabi Junior Football Club,is based in Caulfield and caters for boys and girls from 5 years old to the Under 18,as well as a Senior Women's branch . Our roof bodies are Maccabi Victoria and the Football Federation of Victoria.

Under 6's to Under 12's play in a format called Mini Roos.  Under 12's to Under 18's play in home and away graded competitive leagues.

At our Club we encourage each player to be the best they can and emphasise fair play, the development of strong team spirit and a focus on the Maccabi objective of "Connecting the Community Through Sport". Unsportsmanlike behaviour and lack of respect towards by players or parents is not a part of our culture.

We have a dual focus and afford our players the opportunity to play at the highest level or to participate in a less competitive environment. To this end teams (both boys and girls) playing in the highest division and in age groups in which we only have one team will be as competitive as possible with player rotation dependent on the state of play. There is no guarantee of equal time for all players at the highest level. All other teams whilst playing in competitive competitions will aim to be as inclusive as possible.

To assist in our player development we offer a Youth Development Program as well as a program to support weaker players who require assistance with basic skills.

During summer our players are offered opportunities to further develop their football skills.

Social Football


We are always looking for different ways in which we can engage our surrounding community through football.


As such we now have programs for:


We are open to more suggestions if you would like to run them past us.

Vision: Our vision is to allow each player in the club to explore their football pathway to the fullest.

Mission Statement: Our mission is to create a football environment of enjoyment & growth to prepare the players of today for the opportunities of tomorrow, sponsoring Jewish community and the wider football community interaction & social growth.




Winning is the purpose of football but it is the manner and importance that differ.

To take our Club to the highest level, we focus on:

  • Development rather than results

  • The skillful instead of the powerful

  • Mistakes being learning moments instead of mistakes being punished

  • Encouraging taking initiatives / risks 




Maccabi FC Caulfield previously known as the  Maccabi North Caulfield Junior Football Club has a proud history extending well over 80 years. The playing of football was introduced to the Melbourne and Sydney Jewish communities by the European immigrants of the 1920's and 1930's, many of whom had played for the famous Hakoah Clubs of that era in Europe.

In both Melbourne and Sydney the Hakoah clubs were popular and successful with good followings and strong junior teams. The Sydney team was enhanced by its poker-machine based Club-House in Bondi and played at a senior level for many years. The Melbourne Hakoah faded somewhat in the 70's, struggling against Aussie Rules and lost its South Melbourne home base now known as Bob Jane Stadium to Hellas.

At that time a group of keen boys wanting to play competitive football on Sundays formed their own team and played at Caulfield Park under the Maccabi name which was then being adopted by Australian Jewish sporting clubs. The arrival of more immigrants into the community from the former USSR and from Israel, who had grown up with football back-grounds, meant that the Club would again thrive. In recent years the club has again been boosted by the influx of immigrants from South Africa.

A decision was made to separate into 2 distinct Maccabi Football Clubs- the Senior Club catering for the over 18's and veterans, and the Junior Club catering for the Under 18's. The Junior Club was formed around 1978. In the early 1990's the Football authorities directed clubs to become more suburban-based and open up membership to the local suburban community. Accordingly, the Maccabi clubs became known as North Caulfield.

North Caulfield Maccabi Junior Football Club has now evolved into one of the largest football clubs in Victoria. We cater for children aged 5 years old up to U18s and also incorporate the senior women's team.

As at the end of the 2015 season the club boasted over 550 playing members. There is no reason to think that this kind of growth will not continue for many years to come.

The two clubs complement one another and share resources such as grounds, pavilion and coaches.


Life Members of Maccabi FC Caulfield

including life members of NCMJFC and previous since 1978

  • Stephen Singer 2019

  • Michael Kan 2013

  • Sam Gamsu 2012

  • Neil Berlinski 

  • Boris Seroshtan

  • Jonny Landers 

  • Danny Ungar 

  • Malcolm Bulafkin 

  • Ramsay Sapar 


Previous Life Memebrs who have since, sadly, passed on

  • Stephen Rosenthal dec.

  • Max Stern dec.

  • Michael Lowinger dec.


Life memberships of MFCC are not a compulsory annual award like the others are. We take them very seriously and only award them to those members who have gone far above and beyond what is required at the club.

We thank them all for their valuable service to the club over the years.

Club Sponsors

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Senior Team Sponsors

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