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Registration for Walking Football 
to 30 June 2022

Please note that in accordance with the requirements of the Caulfield Park Sports Club Inc, the managers of our football field, no Covid unvaccinated people are allowed to be on the premises, whether that be indoor or outdoor. If you are attending any of our sessions then you must be fully vaccinated against Covid.

Proudly supported by Glen Eira Council.

For more information call 0416 250 754


For registration/expressions of interest details please see below.

The Walking Football initiative delivers modified walking football programs to older people and addresses multiple common barriers to sport participation. 

The program is designed to improve fitness and health through a modified and slower version of the game, encouraging older members of the Glen Eira community and those with restricted mobility to be more active and use football as a vehicle to socialise. 

Walking Football has proven to be a huge success both here and around the world. We play every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 10am (9.45am for warm ups). You are welcome to come along and watch and see what this new craze is all about.

Each session will last for one to two hours, depending on the numbers, and we invite participants for a light snack at the end of the weekday session each week. 

If you want to commit after the trial period there will be a $105 registration fee to the end of June. We will then keep you informed of dates and times for sessions as well as any upcoming opportunities. 


Where: The synthetic football pitch in Caulfield Park at the back of Caulfield Park bowls. 280 Balaclava Rd, Caulfield North 3161

Walking Football @ Caulfield Rules

Please note that these are rules that we have adapted for play at Caulfield. They are similar but not necessarily identical to the national and/or international rules of Walking Football.

If we are involved in an external tournament then we will adopt the rules of play of that tournament.


How to be a better walking footballer.

  • Dont run

  • Always respect the referee’s decisions. (In our case the consensus decision.)

  • Don’t kick or push anyone. Body on body play is permitted as long as there is no pushing or wildly swinging of arms etc. A free kick will apply.

  • If the ball goes out on the side line, kick it in, not throw.

  • Goalkeeper is protected in their area. Keeper cannot leave the area and no one can enter it.

  • Balls kicked should not go above waist height, a free kick will be awarded for a high ball. The only exception is a shot on goals which can go above the waist high rule. A goalkeeper save above waist high is play on.

  • All free kicks, kick offs and corners are INDIRECT only. The only exception is for penalty kicks.

  • Our “Irish” rule; a ricochet (Rick O'Shea) is not seen to be the same as a high ball kicked by a player. No free kick, play on.

  • Absolutely no tackling from behind whether between or around the legs/feet.

  • Absolutely no ankle or feet contact or tapping.

  • Always play for enjoyment, even in competitions

  • Respect teammates and opponents at all times


In addition to these house rules we all know that we have to adapt our game on the day depending on how many turn up to play. I thank you all for being so patient and flexible in this matter.

Play Slow Play Fair Play Well


We insist that all players RESPECT each other and each others abilities on and off the field.
Not all of us were previously professional footballers and by far most of us are on the field for the fun and laughs.
Dont take it too seriously and applaud good efforts even if it doesnt result in a goal.

Respect the game.