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Soccer Mums

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Maccabi FC Caulfield is thrilled to be able to bring the Soccer Mums program to its members this year.

The Soccer Mums program is a wonderful way to bring our valuable mums, or not-mums, together to have fun, get fit and make friends.

It is recommended for players aged 35+ as there are age restrictions in competitive leagues.

(For any women under 35 years old try out our Queen Bees Women's team.)

We meet every Sunday evening at 7.30pm at the "Extreme field" in Caulfield Park, at the back of the Caulfield Park bowls club. 

Come in comfortable playing gear. NO football boots. Shin guards not needed, unless you want to. Bring a water bottle.

For those wanting to try out, the program is free for the first couple of sessions then eventually the registration fee will be less than $10 per session. 

Registration fees for 6 months  can be paid on the link above from Oct 2023.

There are no permanent teams, just teams made up on the night.

We look forward to seeing you there soon.

Maccabi FC Soccer Mums Rules for Sunday evening sessions

  • There is no off-side in Soccer Mums.

  • Studded boots are not permitted. Shin guards are optional but reccomended.

  • Always respect the referee’s decisions. (Or the consensus decision if there is no ref.)

  • Don’t kick or push anyone. A free kick will apply.

  • If the ball goes out on the sideline, kick it in, not throw.

  • Goalkeeper is protected in their area. Keeper cannot leave the area, and no one can enter it.

  • Back passes to the GK cannot be picked up. A free kick will apply.

  • No physical contact with the goalkeeper. The rule is that it is the player's (on the pitch) responsibility to pull out of the contact. It can be tough in a heated moment but please bear in mind to practise safety first. 

  • All free kicks, kick offs and corners are INDIRECT only. The only exception is for penalty kicks.

  • Absolutely no deliberate ankle or feet contact or tapping.

  • Always play for enjoyment, even in competitions.

  • Respect and be kind to teammates and opponents at all times.

Rules for competitive games are taken from the accepted competition rules. 

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