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Your security and the security of your child/children is of paramount importance to MFCC.

For that reason we have security guards around the grounds at certain times but it is also extremely important that you, as an adult, play your part to keep this club  and all of its members and visitors safe at all times.

In the last 4 years since placing security around the park we have had 6 incidents that were diffused quickly before anyone even knew about them. Maccabi FC Caulfield wants to be incident free and safe for all at all times.

To that end we recommend that you take note of the offers that CSG have below.

Be part of the team and keep us all safe.


CSG Protection Team - Recruiting Now

CSG is currently recruiting new volunteers to join it’s protection team.

If you are interested in volunteering in a highly professional and purpose driven organisation please use the following link to provide your details and we will make contact:

I would like to join CSG


CSG Alert App

The CSG Alert App is used to facilitate the prevention, escalation, management and response to all security and emergency incidents which involve the Jewish community.   

CSG Alert is an application which provides you with the capacity to report suspicious activity or community threats from wherever you are, when you are out. The application sends out push notifications in the event of an incident, with information and updates to keep the community informed and safe.

If you haven’t already downloaded the app, please do so using the Play Store or App Store on your mobile phone.

CSG hotline.jpg
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