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Summer Football for Girls, Boys, Women and Mums is here.

If you want your child, or you, to continue playing some football over summer, then please either let coach Michael know for the younger groups or register for older groups as follows:

Girls and Boys aged 5 to 15

  • Girls sessions on Tuesday nights at Caulfield Park from 10 Oct to 12 Dec in age groups 10 - 12, 6pm to 7pm, 13 - 15, 7.15pm to 8.15pm.

  • Boys sessions on Thursday nights at Caulfield Park from 12 Oct to 14 Dec in age groups 10 - 12, 6pm to 7pm, 13 - 15, 7.15pm to 8.15pm.

The program is valued at $300 per child but as a Maccabi FC member you only pay $200 for the full 10-week program.

Pay the $200 on the links above and you will then be sent to the BT Football School site to sign up with them for FREE.

Use the discount code MFCC to get the program for $0. Once signed with BTFS they will advise you of dates, times locations etc.

Good football to you all!

Cut off for registrations is 18 Sept. 2023

To be run by BT Football School

Senior Women and Girls 15+

Our head coach Dimi Donati will be running a training program twice a week, every Tuesday and Thursday, from 12 Sept to 30 Nov for only $100 per player.

To sign up to the program click here and coach Dimi will be in contact with you.

All girls 15 and over, as well as senior women are welcome to join, whether you have played at Maccabi FC or not. Just register here to join in.

Soccer Mums

Summer training will take place for the two competitive teams, the Bees and the Beetles with coach Robi on Tuesdays 10 Oct to 12 Dec.

10 weeks of training for only $80

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