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So, what’s with the Bee?

You would have seen in recent communications a bee pop up every now and then. Why?

The shorts answer is, that’s our Macca-Bee. Get it?

The longer answer is that as long as I have been associated with the club, I have always wondered why Maccabi FC didn’t have a mascot to cheer on. Over the years I have looked for one that would, in my opinion, suit us. But I couldn’t think of the right one. Something that was powerful but also something fun that kids could relate to.

Then, a few weeks back, I spent a month in London and while I was there, I played Walking Football at a club that Maccabi GB plays out of. The club is Barnet FC and they call themselves the Bees. They also call their home the Beehive.

I thought that it was a bit different that a club called Barnet, which has no “bee” in the wording (maybe except for the first letter) called themselves the bees. Then it dawned on me.

A bee, Maccabi, Maccabee, ah Macca-Bee! And that’s where our bee was born.

We intend to have a bit of fun with our bee. We now have the Queen Bees (women’s team), the Walking Bees (walking football), the Mighty Bees (all abilities group), the Worker Bees (our valuable coaches and staff), the Mummy Bees (soccer mums) and we will continue to play with our bee in the coming months and years. It will pop up in uniforms in the future.

If you think that the Bee is not a powerful enough symbol, think of it this way. Many clubs have a mascot like lions or tigers or eagles etc and they are all magnificent animals. If any would be lost to the world it would be a tragedy. But if we lost them, it wouldn’t really make a huge difference to our lives.

The Bee, however, gets along quietly, making honey, collecting pollen etc and if we lost bees, it would severely affect our daily lives. Our little bees are powerful creatures that we don’t often appreciate. Maybe just like our children or even the worker bees that run around the club getting everything done quietly?

Someone said to me once that on Sunday mornings in football season, Caulfield Park is a hive of activity. Indeed, it is. That’s our Beehive right there.

The next question is, what is our Bee’s name? I have a particular idea about that one too, but I am also open to suggestions. I am happy to discuss it.

For now, enjoy your coming football season and make every opposition team wary of the Bees that are coming to play them.

Go Maccabi! Go Bees!

Kevin Milstein, President MFCC

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