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The 3 attributes of Colts selection

Commitment: Colts is for committed footballers striving to improve themselves and the team as a whole both on and off the field.

Discipline: Colts concentrate on discipline both at team and individual level to facilitate a positive cohesive team environment that is respectful to its peers, coaches, opposition and referees.

Skilled: Colts look to attract the more technical gifted player and combine the above attributes to make a more rounded complete player and person.

Aims of the Caulfield Colts

The Caulfield Colts aim to raise the standard of football in the surrounding area of Caulfield, Victoria, Australia.

The Caulfield Colts plan to field advanced teams of junior boys in U12 - U18 teams .

The Caulfield Colts also plan to encourage the improvement in quality and innovation of football coaches over time.

The Caulfield Colts are all about the development of players, coaches and general football staff in the area.

The Caulfield Colts have a long term view of success and a belief that winning can only come from solid work, preparation and commitment.

Even the term "winning" does not necessarily mean winning on the scoreboard but more about the continual improvement and encouragement of the individual within the frame work of a team.



We encourage you to share our vision and be a part of the Caulfield Colts. To inquire about the Caulfield Colts click 



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