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Mummy Bees vs Queen Bees

It was a superb last training night this Tuesday 28 Nov when the Mummy Bees team laid down a challenge to the Queens Bees team for a fun friendly game.

The Queen Bees, the Maccabi FC women’s team, were lead by coach Dimi and the Mummy Bees, Maccabi FC’s Soccer Mums, were lead by coach Robi, and given the vast difference in experience the game was much closer than expected.

A smaller than usual field and goal was set up for the game, which benefitted the Soccer Mums and many of them had to learn rules of football that they have never played under before, like the offside rule, but they acquitted themselves very well considering.

The women’s team, as expected, dominated the field but found it hard to break through with a packed defence up against them and the smaller goal. Still it was played in competitive fun with the Queen Bees up 1 – 0 at halftime and then with another 2 goals in the second half took out the game 3 – 0.

After the game they all joined in the camaraderie by sharing some pizzas in the changerooms.

It was a fitting end to the year given all the focus on female football this year and we expect much more to come in season 2024.

Go Maccabi!

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