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Mummy Bees kick off their season with a win.

The Maccabi FC Soccer Mums program has taken off so quickly that the mums involved have very quickly set up their own competitive team with the help of coach Sarah.

Some of the mums want to keep it social and some wanted to go that extra step and go competitive, which is absolutely fine and Maccabi FC will endeavour to accommodate both group’s needs.

So it was that the first ever competitive game was played by Maccabi’s Mummy Bees against the South Melbourne Soccer mums on Sunday 30 April at Princes Park in Bambra Road.

Maccabi got off to a great start with 2 goals in the first 5 minutes but then Sth Melbourne pegged them back with a goal not long before half time. Coach Sarah gave the Mummy Bees a pep talk at half time which resulted in a goal soon after the break. Just when it looked like Maccabi was going to cruise to the end, Sth Melbourne scored. Maccabi was able to hold on to the score until the final whistle blew at a 3 – 2 win to the Maccabi Mummy Bees.

All of the mums and their fans were thrilled with the first ever game and win. It is a testament to all of the mums involved in the program that it has taken off so fast in just 6 weeks of existence.

It was also a pleasure to see the role reversal on the field. For the first time the children and dads came out to watch the mums play for a change and cheer them on. There were some very vocal young critics from the sidelines too.

The team now has a lot to live up to, we also encourage more mums to join the social program and just have fun playing the beautiful game.

Go Maccabi Mummy Bees!

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