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Mighty Bees in April FV Initiative

Last month, Maccabi FC’s Mighty Bees participated in ‘All Abilities April’, an initiative of Football Victoria. It was wonderful to see so many of our regulars, as well as some new participants, come along for a fun day of drills and games, followed by a group get together 🐝 


We had some great feedback for the event, with one parent kindly sharing the following: “Thanks so much for the come and try day on Sunday, and the snacks and medals/certificates. Sophie in particular was very proud and wore her medal to school yesterday!!” 🏅


Gabbi does an amazing job in coaching our All Abilities junior team and has a calm, strong, reassuring presence which allows the kids to feel comfortable and supported. Her assistant, Lucy, is new on board for 2024 and a wonderful addition to the crew. Danny, who is available to mentor and coach senior All Abilities soccer, came along to assist 🤩


This event was supported by Maccabi Victoria All Abilities, who run both senior and junior programs and events across a range of sports. If you know of anyone - of any age, gender or (dis)ability - that is interested in participating in soccer or another sport, please contact Caren at or on 0410 151 017 to discuss options. Most All Abilities options are either free or low cost, to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to be involved 🤗

Caren Lubofsky

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