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Maccabi FC 5 Star Club

A couple of years back Football Victoria decided that all the clubs that come under their belt, about 350 clubs, had to be measured in a uniform way. They needed to be responsible for compliance in duty of care, finances, best practise etc, so they drew up a system of how clubs can be rated and awarded appropriate stars from 1 to 5.

This way the members or potential members of the club had a way of measuring one club from another when they had to make a choice of which one to join.

When the process started, Maccabi FC Caulfield was rated at 3.5 stars. “Not good enough!” was the cry from the back rooms of the club and so we embarked on tightening up all aspects of the club and aimed for the 5 star rating.

The club achieved the 5 stars some weeks back and it was announced with an award ceremony, along with 30 other FV football clubs, at the prestigious triple header finals games held at AAMI Park on Sunday 15 Sept 2019, where all the relevant clubs were given their 5 start plaque.

It was a proud moment for Maccabi FC and all the staff that were involved with the process, not because the club was on an ego trip but because it gives its current and potential members assurances that all is well at the club. We not only look after the day to day football needs of the club’s players but also plan well ahead to ensure that Maccabi FC will be around for a long time to come.

Kol hakavod to all involved at the club, these are 5 stars that we wont be relinquishing anytime soon.

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