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Maccabi FC will be Playing in Purple in 2024

Maccabi FC is proud to be supporting the 2024 #PlayinPurple campaign which raises funds and awareness for pancreatic cancer through the sport we love. We will be supporting the Australian Pancreatic Cancer Foundation (PanKind) by having some of our teams play in purple socks and encouraging other teams to do so as well.

Many of us know of someone that has been affected by pancreatic cancer and passed away. It is a horrible cancer that is very aggressive and more often than not picked up at a very late stage of the disease when it is too late to have any effective cure. To that end we want to support the researchers at PanKind to find ways to combat this terrible illness.

Research clearly shows that a healthy lifestyle, exercise, and social connection are powerful factors in reducing the risk of cancer and participating in #PlayinPurple helps us to spread this important message.


#PlayinPurple is now in its 9th year and has more than 35,000 participants from over 200 clubs. The concept is simple, inclusive and fun for players of all ages. Simply by swapping our club socks for PanKind Foundation purple socks for one round in July, we can raise awareness and funds for this very important cause.


As a club, we see this as a wonderful opportunity to increase player and community engagement, whilst spreading a vital message, and we encourage ALL teams to get involved.


Our #PlayinPurple round will be on a date in July yet to be announced, when we’ll be doing our best to turn our club purple for pancreatic cancer. We encourage teams and spectators to get into the spirit of the campaign by not only wearing their purple socks, but painting their faces, colouring their hair, wearing purple headbands and anything else you can think of!


We are fully appreciative of the researchers at PanKind and are proud to be supporting them in their quest to find a cure for pancreatic cancer.

If you want to purchase your socks now go to

Or if you want to read more about PanKind and their research go to 




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