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Gary Peer Sponsorship Announcement

Major Sponsorship Announcement!

Maccabi FC Caulfield (MFCC) is thrilled to announce the signing of Gary Peer Real Estate (GP) as the major club sponsor for the next 5 years.

Both MFCC and GP will be working towards growing their reach and expertise in their surrounding communities with each other’s help and expertise.

“Our Company is dedicated to supporting the community and sport is such a wonderful way to bring people together” states Director and Co-founder of Gary Per Real Estate, Phillip Kingston.

Over the coming weeks members will be seeing more of the Gary Peer name around the grounds, on social media and even on team names.

“This is a wonderful announcement for the club and establishes MFCC as a community club to be around for many years to come”’ said MFCC president Kevin Milstein. “We can’t wait to work with the professional team at Gary Peer in growing our club.”

Now that the disruptive season 2020 is past us we look forward to getting on to Caulfield Park with all of our members and Gary Peer in season 2021.

Go Maccabi FC!

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