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A blast from the Hakoah SC past

Top right coach Myers, bottom left David Baker, 2nd bott right Mike Mandelis, bott left GK Poznanski
Hakoah SC circa 1972

First of all a short history lesson. Maccabi FC has its roots in a previous Jewish community club, Hakoah SC, which traces back to 1926. Hakoah eventually disbanded, but the J comm needed a soccer club and so Maccabi FC was born in 1978.

Jump back to 2024, when at the beginning of the year we had to choose a linemarking company to mark the football fields at Caulfield Park for the season. After due diligence, a company was chosen headed by Richard.

This week, I got a message from Richard.

"Hey mate I have a question for you is your club the old Hakoah club from the 60/70s my uncle played for them for years."

What?!? Are you kidding?

After some calls and texts, we established that Richard's uncle is Michael Clarey who indeed did play for Hakoah as a striker and helped them to win several trophies back in the day.

Richard sent me a few newspaper clippings from the day. Amazing!

Check out the team photo of Hakoah from the early 1970s, of Mike Clarey (circled) standing next to the Hakoah GK on his right. The GK is none other than Jack Reilly, the GK of the Socceroos in Australia’s first ever World Cup tournament in 1974. Now that has to be a story on its own somewhere.

Richard told me about the days when he and his grandfather went to watch the Hakoah games at Middle Park stadium. In fact they were the only Hakoah fans at the game.

I told Richard that this is an incredible story and he replied that he is so proud to be working for the club that his uncle played for. We are happy to have you back on board to continue your Maccabi FC story too Richard.

The football world is truly amazing.

Kevin Milstein

President. MFCC


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