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Little Bees

Mini Macctildas
Introductory Program

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Due to huge demand for this program, we are now oversubscribed. 

There are no guaranteed places in the program.

Thank you for the massive response.

If places become available we will advise via club newsletter and socials. 

Play like a girl! Girls come and try football/soccer.


Does your daughter/s (aged 7 – 11) want to play football/soccer?


Do you want your daughter/s to receive a free 4 week introductory course to football/soccer?

Friends are welcome too.

Every year we get the same question from parents wanting to sign up their daughter: can my daughter, who is turning 8/9/10/11 this year join a Maccabi team even though she has no experience?

The short answer is: Yes.

However, given that she has never kicked a ball in her life and now wants to join a competitive football team she is likely to get pushed around the field by opponents, get beaten every time, not enjoy her experience and not want to come back next year.

That’s not what anyone wants.

We want your daughter/s to enjoy their football experience at Maccabi FC and continue for many years.

So, to that aim we have thought to provide a 4 week “Mini Macctildas” (MM) experience which will offer a necessary introduction to handle a ball, kick a ball, dribble with a ball and generally love the game. That way, your daughter/s will get much more out of their first year in a Maccabi team.

  • When: Starting Sunday 4 Feb at 3 - 4pm for four weeks.

  • Where: Join the MM group in the “cage” at Caulfield Park. Next to the main pavilion.

There is no charge to join a MM group and your child can bring a friend too to try out the “beautiful game.”

Please register your interest on the Jotform linked below.

Good luck and good football to you all!

Maccabi FC Caulfield


This program is designed for girls that have never played football/soccer before and/or are not confident with the basic skills of football.

This is also designed for girls that have played with Maccabi FC before but are not confident with the basic skills of football.

Not all applications will be accepted, evaluation of applicants will be done before sending out an invitation to join the “Mini Macctildas” program.


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