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Welcome to the Community Bank Caulfield Park

Maccabi FC is thrilled to announce the Community Bank Caulfield Park (CBCP) as a new major sponsor for the club over the coming 5 years.

We were looking for support and funding to refurbish the old bunker into a “Beehive” for the benefit of all of our members and visiting teams.

We got talking to the CBCP about it and they enthusiastically agreed to fund the refurbishment and support the club over the next 5 years.

But wait there is more! Not only will the old bunker be upgraded to a “Beehive” but also every playing member, from U8 and above next year, will be getting a FREE hoodie and shopping bag to celebrate the new sponsorship.

You can now wear your club hoodie with pride to every game due to the generous support of the CBCP.

Please support our sponsors by calling them with any financial needs that you might have. We have experienced a lot of great support with financials from Community Bank Caulfield Park in the past and know that they are more than willing to help you.

Thank you to the Community Bank Caulfield Park for helping us create an even greater experience for all of our members. Go Maccabi!

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