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U18 Colts mid-season 2024 report

The Maccabi U18 Colts team is comprised of many players from last season and some new members who joined the club in 2024. The squad includes U18, U17, and U16 players.


Due to several injuries, including some long-term ones, and the VCE commitments of most of the players this year, the decision was made to enter the team in the Boys’ South-East 18B competition.


The training sessions, which are held twice a week, focus on tactical drills, preparations for the upcoming match, fitness, and enjoyment. At this age, the players should have already acquired all the basic football skills.


Coach Martin Jona believes that the 1-4-2-3-1 formation best suits the players. The formation requires:

- A goalkeeper capable of making saves and initiating attacks with accurate passes

- A classic line of 4 at the back with full-backs and centre-backs that can become a line of 3 when attacking

- 2 defensive midfielders with the ability to mark and circulate the ball

- 3 attacking midfielders, with 2 of them as wingers and 1 acting as a playmaker

- 1 striker to play in the box and finish the attacks


In the first 4 grading games, the team achieved 3 wins and 1 draw. The team started the actual season with 3 wins, scoring 25 goals and conceding 3.


The Team Manager, Justin Lipton, and the rest of the parents are very supportive. They attend the home and away games and are always ready to volunteer for linesman, marshal, and oranges duties.


This is the squad of the Maccabi U18 Colts team for the 2024 season:


Ian Altman, Yonah Azoulay, Maor Ben Shitrit, Jacob Ben-David, Koju Black, Tomoki Golec, Benjamin Hodes, Ariel Jona, Roy Keidar, Adam Langer, David Lipton, Noah Machet, Finn McAuley, Yehuda Moss, Yonatan Moss, Josh Parasol, Noah Pook, Leon Roth


Maccabi FC is extremely grateful to Harvey Milder of Get a Loan with Harvey for his sponsorship of the U18 Colts new uniform this year.

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