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The Women were strutting their stuff on Thursday night.

Last Thursday 11 April, saw all of our senior women’s teams showing off their stuff at Caulfield Park, in very different ways.

Our Mummy Bees, Soccer Mums, had a practice match under lights in Caulfield Park against the Malvern City regular women’s team, not their Soccer Mums team.  Victory for the Mummy Bees was never expected, it was more about giving them the experience of playing on a full field against a regular women’s team, so the 6 – 1 loss to the Bees was not a surprise and nothing to be upset about.

In the words of coach Robi, our “girls were actually on top attacking” during the game and “us not having a real goalie was the difference”.

“Captain Jen R smashed in a beauty from left side of goal square hitting left side netting like Foord’s goal v Mexico.”

But most importantly, the “winner was football and both teams enjoyed the night. The comradeship in dressing room was buzzing.”

Even our local state member David Southwick was in attendance for what was a memorable night.

At the same time, on the other side of Caulfield Park, in the bowls club social rooms, our Queen Bees, the senior women’s team, got together to have a season opening event.

Coach Dimi enforced on the players the need to concentrate and focus at training, the importance of being punctual to games and training, and imparted the belief that we are in for a very exciting season of women’s football both in the SL2 and SL5 teams.

There were speeches from coach Jackson and president Kevin Milstein along the same lines but also explaining the history of the club, the female programs and just sharing the confidence (and love) in the group.

It was an exciting evening with a very positive buzz in the room.

Coach Dimi then announced the team captains and vice captains based on voting among the players.

Queen Bees Overall Captain – Alison Maybin

SL5 Captain – Jeslina Toh

Vice Captains – Jemma Dina, Brune Anderson, Gabbi Tauber and Ali Ware.

With just one week to go now before the 2024 season kicks off properly, we wish all of the women in the club, and all of our club players and members, the most memorable and successful season 2024.

Go Maccabi! Go Bees!


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