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The Mummy Beetles take to the field.

The Soccer Mums program continues to astonish us with their grit, determination, commitment and new love of football.

Most of these “Mums”, and you don’t have to be a mum to play, have never played competitive football before. In the last 6 months they have found a new lease of life by embracing the game and especially the camaraderie that goes with being part of a team.

The clubs first challenge was to accommodate their desire to play competitive games against other Soccer Mums teams, so the new Mummy Bees team was born.

However not to be outdone other ladies, that hadn’t made the “first team” yet, wanted the same experience and not long after formed the Mummy Beetles teams.

The Beetles now play in their own social league and just had their first game this last Sunday, losing a credible 1 – 0 under coach Rotem. That’s a wonderful result given that they have never played against outside opposition before. Its okay, just like the Bees, the Beetles will learn and grow and enjoy their own challenges.

What’s next? We expect these Mums to keep on growing, but not sure what we will do for a name if a third team comes along. Maybe the Mums teams will outnumber the kids teams one day, then the kids have to be Team Managers for the Mums?!?

Whatever the future holds we just love watching them play for the fun, the challenge and playing to win while learning and teaching lots of life lessons. Go Mummy Bees/Beetles!

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