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Michael Keeps on Walking.

At Walking Football, Maccabi FC Caulfield, we coined a phrase “Keep on Walking” or KOW for short. Michael, who is one of our regular WFers (that’s Walking Footballers in case you wondered) is the epitome of KOW.

In Michael's words “I got off a ship (cruise), got on a plane from Cairns, came back to Melbourne, went to Cabrini (hospital) had a quadruple bypass, with all arteries blocked, 95% but I didn’t have a heart attack”.

Over a month ago Michael’s doctors told him that he should be patient about coming back to WF, they all held him back from rejoining but he was determined to return. “I am here” he told us, despite losing some muscle tone.

All of the medical advisors told him that if he was suffering from mental health issues because he couldn’t get back to WF then they would help him. Michael told them that he didn’t want their help, het just wanted to be back at WF and mix it with the rest of the WFers in Caulfield.

Michael gets out onto the field at half pace, twists his ankles a bit but is proud and happy to be back with the rest of the WFers.

As we say in the game, KOW!

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