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Little Strikers mix it with the big boys

Updated: Jun 4

On Sunday 2 June we were delighted to see some of our Little Strikers act as mascots for the Maccabi men’s team.

They walked out with the men’s team onto the pitch, then at half time had a small game on the field and were encouraged by those in attendance for the men’s game.

The men were 0 - 0 at halftime and scored a goal in the second half to take out the game 1 - 0. We like to think that it was the Little Strikers that gave them that encouragement to score the winner.

After their half time game the kids were treated to drinks and a hot dog in the newly established social rooms in the main pavilion at Caulfield Park.

The kids and parents had a lot of fun and we hope to see some of the little boys aspire to play big boys football in the years to come.

Thank you to coaches Michael, Nick and Andrew for making this happen.

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