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SNAPP kicked off Sunday 1 Aug

Maccabi FC Caulfield (MFCC) is proud to have kicked off its first ever football program for autistic people and parents together with SNAPP Victoria on Sunday 1 August 2021.

Its was a beautiful sunny Sunday morning but above all else the children and parents of SNAPP shone even brighter.

There were two sessions, at 9am and 10am, which split the children into a younger and older age group.

The younger children, who were new to SNAPP and football, were hesitant at first, but it dint take long for them to get into the football groove and have a kick with their parents and the SNAPP coaches Allison, Gabi, Danny and Jake.

The older 10am group seemed to have already working it all out before and were keen to get into game mode. Before we knew it goals were being scored from all over the place with cheers coming up from the side lines.

This is the first time that MFCC has aimed a football program at challenged children, but we can see that with the joy that it brings we will be imbedding this into our season as a regular from now on.

Thank you to the crew from SNAPP with providing us with this opportunity and helping MFCC reached out to even more people in the community.

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