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Inaugural Nathan Mond Walking Football Distinction Award

Walking Football (WF) has been a part of Maccabi FCC for five years now, so it felt due that an annual award be made for the WF crew.

When thinking of WF we think of fair play, inclusion as well as being competitive so rather than a “best player”, MVP or Golden Boot award we felt that it would be more fitting to have a distinction award.

We also thought that it should be named after one of our founding members who played for the joy not the glory but sadly passed away about 3 years ago, Nathan Mond. Nathan’s brother Morris was thrilled about the idea when we contacted him and we invited him down to hand out the inaugural Nathan Mond Maccabi FC Walking Football Distinction Award.

"This Award recognises and acknowledges the distinctive and unique qualities of character that was Nathan Mond zl” Morris Mond said at the presentation. “As Nathan Mond's brother, and on behalf of his family, I thank the Maccabi Football Club for inaugurating this memorial Award in his name. May we all progress from strength to strength."

Now to the winner.

The winner had to embody the fair play and inclusiveness that Nathan practiced and we couldn’t think of a better winner than Tony Bainbridge, who actually played with Nathan a number of times.

Congratulations to Tony and may Nathan’s good spirit be a part of WF for many years to come.

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