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Female Football 2020

Exciting news for Female Football 2020

Maccabi FC is very much committed to getting more females into the game over the coming season and to increase the skill level at all ages.

To that end we have engaged the services of Scott Vincent who will work in the new role of Coordinator of Female Football (CFF). Scott has an impressive history with football both here and in Wales and is passionate about developing female football at Maccabi.

A big part of this role will be to make the pathway from junior to seniors clearer and smoother and encourage all coaches to work along the same pathway. At times Scott may even run his own sessions for more gifted players but that will be determined once the training season gets started.

Scott will be there to guide you and answer your questions however, as he is new to the club, give him time to find the answers that he may not know immediately and also get to know players and parents.

You can contact Scott via email at girlsfc@mfcc.com.au

We welcome Scott into Maccabi FC Caulfield as expect him to do some great things for female football at the club!

Age group break ups for females in 2020

We will be looking at 4 different age group break ups in season 2020

  • U8 – U11 Mini Roos

  • U12 – U13/14

  • U15 – U18

  • Senior football

All the junior age groups, the first 3, will be kicking off training/grading on Wed 5 February with times and venue TBA however the youngest group will start off first etc.

Teams will be selected based on age and skill levels.

Senior Womens Football

The senior team is in Sate League 1 for season 2020 and therefore will be looking to fill a reserves and senior team. In other words a squad of 32+ players is required.

Pre-season kick off will take place in early 2020 at a time and place TBA. Details of the coaching team will be coming out soon.

Registrations are open

You can register your player or yourself on the website to secure a place in a team.

Registrations will be closed for evaluation in early Feb 2020.

For now enjoy the summer time off and we look forward to seeing you in season 2020.