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Club Uniform Shirts 2021

Updated: Apr 1

Please make sure that you have the correct club uniform shirts for season 2021.

As per the photo above the blue shirt is for home games and the orange shirt is for away games. Although we highly recommend that you take both shirts to away games to ensure that you do not clash with your opposition team.

In addition the uniform shorts and socks are plain black. All of these are available at Sportsmart Moorabbin.

  • U8 - U11 teams, you do NOT need a number or your shirt.

  • U12 - U18 teams you MUST have a number on your shirt. Your allocated number can be found on the Team App team list for your particular team.

When purchasing your shirts at Sportsmart show them the number that has been allocated on Team App so that they can add that for you. Note that it can take a minute to press a shirt.

If you already have the current shirts as above ask them to add the number for you.

Please respect the club uniform and make sure that your child is dressed correctly for all games. It reflects on all of us when your child arrives in the wrong uniform.

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